Card Access Systems
We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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Annunciators & Control Panels

A unique feature of WeGuardYou’s value added proposition is our manufacturing capability which enables us to specifically design all of the components required by the WGY Enterprise Security Platform (ESP) custom designed solution for any given client. The company manufactures a diverse line of custom-made directory, graphic annunciators and control panels (PORTLs). An annunciator is a high-tech electronic device designed to instantly identify fire/security emergencies. WSA annunciator panels have functional design and simplified graphic display systems. Fire alarm, fan control, water flow, elevator status and other building systems are tracked through a WSA equipped control center enabling Fire Captains and their crews to have instant access to the information they need to protect both people and property.

WSA Annunciators and control panels come with various functionalities and in a range of sizes. Our application line is full featured and compatible with most every alarm system used. WSA offers graphic annunciation for simple and complex applications. Our product lines offer comprehensive features, superior status displays, convenient electronic interfaces, and quick installation. These features, coupled with the finest support and service personnel in the industry and standard bearing engineering, have clearly led WSA Annunciators to a benchmark position within the industry.

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