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Mall Security Scenario

 Mall Security Scenario
Crime that occurs within the confines of your parking area is observed in real-time and eliminated before it can cause any harm or damage.

Each mobile security vehicle has a functional central station that allows for real-time local and remote video, alarm, and data monitoring and supports transfer of information over a secure wireless LAN. This state-of-the-art technology, paired with our professional security personnel makes our Mobile Security Package a world-class offering.

A woman leaves the mall premises alone, one evening. Carrying shopping bags, her mind on her purchases, and unsuspecting. Muggers thrive on these vulnerabilities; she is an attractive target for victimization. But she doesn’t have to be.

  • Our camera’s eye follows her the moment she exits your facility.
  • A real time image is sent to our mobile unit as they can ensure that she walks protected to her vehicle.
  • Should an emergency occur:
    • Both armed and unarmed guards are notified via radio and/or pager.
    • Law enforcement, paramedics, and other emergency workers can be notified likewise.
    • Digital surveillance cameras mounted on our mobile units record the incident from different angles.
    • Real time images of the event are remotely accessible.
    • Identification cameras capture the perpetrator’s face and license plate number.
    • Guards on foot have wireless cameras to record the incident.
    • Guards apprehend the perpetrator; the woman is no longer a victim.

Why take the risk? Not only will you gain the peace of mind that your patrons are safe but you can also avoid the potential financial loss associated with any negative publicity that may result from criminal activity that occurs on your premises by investing in the Mobile Security system.

 Scenario Legend:

 Mobile Security Vehicle:

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Recording capability in an emergency
  • 2 digital surveillance cameras with 360° recording capability mounted on top of the vehicle
  • 2 identification cameras that are fixed and focusable and can identify drivers, pedestrians, or license plates
  • Emergency siren, loudspeaker, and light
  • Central Station capability supported by wireless LAN
  • Interior “control room” for on-site operations


  • All data/images encrypted using RTPI™ Technology and stored digitally
  • All data/video/alarm is monitored in real time
  • Remote accessibility allows all users to view data/images from off-site locations

 Emergency Support:

  • Instantly notified in real time via pager, cell, e-mail, etc.
  • All users can be notified (i.e. owner, etc.)
  • Police, paramedics, etc., can be alerted


  • Armed/Unarmed
  • Each guard is equipped with a wireless camera with the functionality to record in an emergency situation
  • Strategically stationed inside and outside of the mall
  • Alerted of an emergency instantly

 Mall Monitoring Central Station:

  • Guards can monitor both indoor and outdoor events from the central monitoring station

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