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Off-Site Scenario

 Off-Site Scenario


Your company is hosting a symposium at a hotel. Your employees observe the following off-site security procedures:

 In the parking lot, your employees reach our mobile security access checkpoint:

  • The identification cards they use at work are also compatible here at the symposium.
  • The card access reader records the time of their arrival and departure.
  • They are directed to parking lot B because the system notifies the guards that parking lot A is full.
  • Guards monitor their arrival from the digital surveillance camera mounted on top of the vehicle.
  • An identification camera records their license plate numbers for archiving in a database.

 Upon entrance to the auditorium:

  • Guards are stationed at a kiosk in the auditorium entrance.
  • Employees swipe their access cards at the kiosk.
  • Guards match employees’ faces and identification cards to the saved image on their screen.
  • Wireless cameras are positioned to monitor the symposium.

 Additional security features:

  • You can monitor the symposium from a remote location.
  • The mobile security unit sends encrypted data and video images using RTPI™ technology through a wireless LAN connection.
  • Law enforcement and other officials are notified in the event of an emergency.

 Leave your concerns to us.

With the Mobile Security System provided by WeGuardYou you can rest assured that your company’s off-site events are in the best of hands. We allow you to focus your efforts on other important matters.

 Scenario Legend:

Mobile Security Vehicles:

  • Access Checkpoints
    • Access card readers.
  • Traffic Flow
    • System controls the flow of vehicles, personnel, and pedestrians entering a secure site.
    • Capability to identify which parking lots are at capacity.
  • Surveillance Cameras
    • Recording capability in an emergency.
    • Two digital surveillance cameras with 360° total motion capacity mounted on top of the vehicle.
    • Two identification cameras that are fixed and focusable and can identify drivers, pedestrians, or license plates.
  • Emergency siren, loudspeaker, and light.
  • Central Station capability supported by wireless LAN.
  • Interior “control room” for on-site operations.
  • Smart Pass Antenna reads vehicle access tags.


  • All data/images encrypted using Real-Time Privacy Infrastructure™ (RTPI™) technology and stored digitally.
  • All data/video/alarm is monitored in real-time.
  • Remote accessibility allows all users to view data/images from off-site locations.

 Emergency Support:

  • Instantly notified in real-time via pager, cell, e-mail, etc.
  • All users can be notified (i.e. owner, etc.).
  • Police, paramedics, etc., can be alerted.

 Access Checkpoints:

  • Attendance information: access, time, duration, etc.
  • Report generating.
  • Database archiving.

 Wireless Kiosk:

  • Identification cards that are used at client’s location are compatible.
  • Guards can match the image to the cardholder’s face.
  • Attendance information: access, time, duration, etc.
  • Alerted of an emergency instantly.


  • Armed/Unarmed.
  • Equipped with a wireless camera with the functionality to record in an emergency situation.
  • Strategically stationed around the site.
  • Alerted of an emergency instantly.

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