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Traffic Flow

 Traffic Flow
Our Mobile Security System allows your enterprise to implement a traffic flow plan that controls the passage of personnel, vehicles, and equipment entering and exiting a secure outdoor area. The Mobile Security Vehicles serve as makeshift access checkpoints, empowering your company with real-time access and video surveillance information. Our system allows you to manage the influx of persons within an area, thus reducing or eliminating the threat of malicious persons. The traffic flow plan is best implemented in monitoring one-time or short-term events such as construction, concerts, sporting events, company picnics, off-site activities, or any other outdoor event that requires our world-class mobile security measures. The following configurations illustrate the capability of controlling strictly vehicles/ mobile equipment, strictly pedestrians, or both pedestrians and vehicles/mobile equipment.

Figure 1:

Vehicles and Mobile Equipment flow in both directions.

Figure 2:

Vehicles and Mobile Equipment flow in one direction and Pedestrian traffic flows in the other direction.

Figure 3:

Pedestrian traffic flow in both directions.

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