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University Campuses

 University Campuses
The threat of criminal activity is practically inevitable on every college or university campus. WeGuardYou’s Mobile Security System strives to reduce or eliminate on-campus crime to physical property and members of the university community. Our professional staff can develop security solutions tailored to the needs of any educational institution while staying within the school’s budgetary constraints. Our mobile security system can enhance current school security provisions, or can be implemented as a complete campus-wide security program.

Property damage, rape, assault, robbery, and even murder are horrifyingly familiar crimes that often occur on college campuses. Our mobile security system offers smart solutions for your educational institution in hindering crimes such as these. We have the technology to monitor outdoor areas, whether it is an obscure, yet popular pedestrian path or a well-lit, open area between buildings. Our security vehicles manned by our professionally trained personnel can ensure rapid response and real-time monitoring/recording of incidents that may occur.

Outdoor events are commonplace occasions on college campuses. Entertainment events, graduations, and student rallies bring many outside visitors to school grounds. Potential threats may arise when festivals, tailgating parties, or any other outdoor student event that involves alcohol gets out of hand. During these chaotic times it becomes increasingly important to secure the campus grounds. Our security measures can help protect the property and members of the college community by monitoring the premises with video surveillance and access checkpoints/wireless kiosks.

WeGuardYou’s Mobile Security System allows the members of your campus community to prosper in a safe learning environment. Furthermore, our Mobile Security System can deliver an unparalleled standard of excellence to a campus community when paired with our Enterprise Security Platform (ESP).

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