Card Access Systems
We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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Product Benefits

 Security That Pays
Using cutting-edge technology, WGY Enterprise Security Platform and WGY Policy Management together is a revolutionary integration and automation combination that is the only one of its kind with a monetary payback over time. Through integration (WGY ESP), organizations can monitor and manage all of their assets: physical, human, and intellectual; from a single point of control. Through automation using WGY Policy Management, organizations can configure actions to react to events according to their own policies and procedures. The ESP-Policy Management will eventually pay for itself due to the advantages realized through cost savings through reduced operating costs (e.g. lighting & energy control), That’s what makes WeGuardYou an investment in protection and technology that smart enterprises can’t ignore.

 Energy Savings through Automation & Integration
The WGY Policy Management product can use automation to respond to changing occupant requirements while initiating comfort control strategies that not only produce high levels of user comfort but also enable high levels of energy conservation, thus generating energy cost savings.

 Increased Life Expectancy of Building Systems
By automating policies & procedures within a facility, WGY Policy Management extends the life cycle of all major equipment by 20% to 35%, producing substantial cost savings.

 Ability to Incorporate New Technologies
All of our systems include scalable architecture; they can grow with an organization and adapt to changing technologies and needs.

 Reduced Equipment Costs
All of our systems can interface existing and new systems to combine all systems into one control suite, thus eliminating the cost of multiple parts for several different systems.

 Reduced Operator Staffing & Training Costss
The WGY ESP enables a single point of control to simplify operator access to multiple systems, thus reducing operator training costs and staffing costs.

 Increased Accuracy

Real-Time Data Collection
All of our systems include scalable architecture; they can grow with an organization and adapt to changing technologies and needs.

Systems & Information Integration
The WGY ESP allows for information integration by combining the data in multiple systems to enable clients to make, better, more informed decisions.
 Faster Business Processes: Increased systems’ efficiency
Remote Accessibility
Our systems are accessible from virtually any location in the world, allowing your companies’ people to stay connected, up-to-date, and responsive anytime, anywhere.

Real-Time Reaction
WGY Policy Management to allow users to automate actions by configuring actions to react to events in real-time, as they occur.

Increases Up-time, Reduces Down-time
Our systems reduce downtime and outages through automation, emergency notification, and policy implementation.

 Increased Productivity
Increased workplace performance, increased accuracy, and faster business processes ultimately lead to increased productivity. Additionally, our systems can also increase productivity by creating a "user-friendly" and safer environment for both occupants and visitors. Current studies suggest that the increase in productivity results in gains of 3% to 5% to the bottom line.

 Building Exchange
The implementation of our security, integration and automation systems can increase the value of the building.
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