Card Access Systems
We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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Company Benefits

WeGuardYou offers its clients comprehensive security and protection through its unique approach to providing security solutions. WeGuardYou embodies a variety of professionals, from all areas of expertise within the security project sales cycle. What’s more, WeGuardYou is a company dedicated to providing clients with individual security solutions, the knowledge to implement the solutions, and the peace of mind that they are getting the best technology, expertise, and protection there is to offer.

 "One-Stop Shop"
WeGuardYou and its partners provide you with a total security solution, from start to finish. Our talented team of engineers, software developers, technicians, security specialists, and equipment dealers, work together to provide you with a “one-stop shop” of seamlessly integrated security solutions. No matter what stage you are at in a security project sales cycle, WeGuardYou has the educated, professional staff that fulfills your expectations and analyzes your needs for total security.

 Individual Security Solutions
At WeGuardYou, we recognize that every application experiences a different level of risk from a variety of threats. In response, WeGuardYou focuses on serving the needs of “the individual,” by really understanding the needs of the particular application. Our security consultants conduct detailed threat assessments to determine a specific company’s level of risk, and plan and implement customized security solutions to help protect them from harm’s impact.

 Educating Clients in Security
In order for our clients to leverage the best protection out of our electronic security solutions, we believe that it is essential that they are educated in all areas of security. Knowing how to handle a crisis or attack is integral in mitigating threats in emergency situations. WeGuardYou educates clients on the malicious nature of intruders, vandalism, terrorists, enemies, and obnoxious intellectuals alike. WeGuardYou provides in-depth Training solutions, including product certification courses, facility certification courses, and personnel certification courses.

 Technology Benefits
Our goal is to protect and guard you by embracing the most sophisticated technology available. Our systems incorporate up-to-the-minute technology, allowing you to have an electronic neural system of integrated, real-time monitoring capabilities. Our clients are always connected in real-time through our monitoring center. Instead we watch things for you. Learn more about how we incorporate state-of-the-art technology in our solutions in the product benefits section.

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