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We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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Investor Relations

 Investor Relations
Network/Electronic Data and Internet Security is the second biggest threat to corporate America and the U.S. Government. The potential liability and unimaginable costs associated with the possibility of sabotage resulting from unauthorized entry and access to confidential information has turned this into a worldwide problem. Corporations, Government Agencies, and institutions of various types are devoting significant amount of resources looking for solutions that will protect them from intrusion, while at the same time increasing their reliance on the electronic commerce and data transfer.

It was the anticipation of this problem that prompted the executives of WeGuardYou to make an uncompromising commitment to this industry and work towards the development of a comprehensive and a real solution to data and internet security. At that time, the executives of WeGuardYou could not have anticipated that their endeavor would involve them in what would become a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry.

As such, WeGuardYou.Com offers considerable investment opportunities. We believe our cutting edge technology, professional management team, and the ability to leverage 35 years of experience in the security industry will be a proven catalyst behind WeGuardYou's long term success.

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