Card Access Systems
We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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WeGuardYou stands for the best in creative and strategic implementation of information technologies. We are a new kind of world class business: striving to become a global creative network that generates substantial return on investment for our clients in every sense of the term. Our charter is to evolve with courage, grace, and a pure heart, to always focus on being the leader, and to embrace new technologies and work-cycles which empower our clients.

We achieve this by embodying a fusion of characteristics that include being radical, inspirational, skilled and optimistic; fun, flexible, and young of mind. But most important, we are ethical, tolerant and hardworking. In an environment in which business cycles are determined at "internet speed", and start ups expand and fail at a dizzying pace, we offer the stability and structure to generate long term values in our strategic solutions.

WeGuardYou envisioned a multifaceted strategy to provide a complete information management solution. From back office empowerment to packaging and delivering a concise and effective message to potential consumers,. to maintaining a strategic relationship with end users, to provide the highest level of security available worldwide, the concept of a total solution suite to power a global business infrastructure was implemented.

For this vision to be realized, a fusion of systems development needed to be integrated with an inspirational design methodology. A degree of interdependence in each aspect was also needed to maintain quality and harness the substantial talent which was recruited into each discipline.

From strategic alliances to key acquisitions and the internal development of new corporate divisions and product lines, WeGuardYou is aggressive positioning itself as a single source to all your information technology needs.

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