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Real Time Privacy Infrastructure™ - RTPI™

Real Time Privacy Infrastructure™ (RTPI™) is a patent pending security and encryption technology, developed by WeGuardYou that enables private and secure network communication. Using scalable and random encryption methods, RTPI™ establishes a secure communication tunnel between the sender and the recipient. The encryption is modulated on a random basis to make it impervious to external attacks. In addition, the data is sliced up in capsules and secured using encryption schemes and then sent to the recipient through the communication tunnel.
Through RTPI™ we are able to eliminate cyber attacks such as Spoofing, Trojan Horse, Sniffing, Hijacking, Viruses, E-mail Bombing, Spamming, Dictionary Attacks, Denial of Service, Data Diddling, Man in the Middle Attacks, Replay Attack, Rubber–Hose Cryptanalysis, Chosen-Key-Attack and Port Scanning, etc.

Key Features

  • Real-time, fault tolerant architecture
  • State-of-the-art redundant network scheme
  • TCP/IP source address and route verification
  • Multi-layered proprietary a authentication process
  • Scalable and encrypted secure VPN technology
  • Data transfer via encrypted random data packets

How It Works

  • Client 1 initiates communication with WeGuardYou’s RTPI™ Network.
  • Authentication occurs through a multi-layered process which ensures identity.
  • WeGuardYou with RTPI™ technology establishes a custom layer of encryption between host and client. . . ensuring the integrity of the communication tunnel.
  • A scalable and random encryption method occurs. . . creating an impenetrable layer of security.
  • Client 2 (following the same authentication procedure) establishes their own secure connection with WeGuardYou.
  • The connections are then synchronized to allow for secure traffic between clients (NOTE: Both tunnels and encryption schemes are completely different and independently defined).
  • Communication can now proceed. . . protected, private, and secured.
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