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We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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Shell Transaction Interface™

WeGuardYou has created a complete solution for your custom communication needs. The Shell Transaction Interface™ (STI™) using Real Time Privacy Infrastructure ™ provides all the architecture that a dynamic company needs to remain technologically competitive while at the same time remaining cost effective.

Corporations such as Insurance Companies, Brokerage Houses and Governmental Institutions have the need to transact business and send information in a secure, real time method. Shell Transaction Interface™ (STI™) provides a real-time, remote, secure communication platform from which your company may manage, protect data and launch customized STI™ applications. Any online form, or other data input method may now be transmitted in a completely secure and traceable method.

Protection of intellectual property is one of the most critical concerns of big corporations nowadays. Using STI™, we can protect, manage and track sensitive information. While making critical data available to authorized personnel, STI™ protects information from unauthorized access and usage.

 The Intellectual Property Protection includes

  • Data access policy
  • Data distribution management
  • Protected documents cannot be printed, copied, sent by email, etc.
  • Scanning, tracking and prevention of accessing/printing sensitive data
  • Monitoring of information utilization and attempted information access
  • Prevention of files being unadvisedly modified, or deleted
  • Warning message when user is accessing a sensitive information
  • Audit and track data usage and transfer
  • Generate alerts in case of suspect actions
  • Data access detailed report generation
  • Protected and private data storage and communication using encryption technology

 STI™ Features & Benefits

  • Proprietary Authentication and Encryption System
  • Fault Tolerant System Architecture
  • Senior IT Professionals who design and maintain applications for you
  • IT managers and supervisors who utilize cutting edge technology to augment your existing IT staff.
  • Complete control and customization of your operating environment including reconciliation reports, backups and remote data synchronization.

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