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WGY Express™

WGYExpress™ is an application designed using Real Time Privacy Infrastructure™ (RTPI™ ). This versatile communication interface was specifically developed to provide privacy in this electronic age.

Today, an unprecedented number of transactions are compromised, corporate communications are monitored, hackers are selling information and eavesdropping on your private communications. These hackers are positioning themselves to harm you when your are most vulnerable. The answer is WGYExpress™ .

Built with a modular design, WGYExpress™ is a standard interface tool which provides the users the ability to integrate with other applications, data files and hardware such as printers, scanners, IP Phones and cameras. Through its state-of-the-art graphical user interface, WGYExpress™ enables the user to operate software and devices faster and more efficiently, allowing worldwide communication, through the internet--privately and securely.

This powerful tool, WGYExpress™, utilizes WeGuardYou’s secure fail-safe infrastructure which provides you the capability to have your data encrypted, locked, and secured. Supplying you with peace of mind. . . that only you can retrieve your data. WGYExpress™ is your personal safety deposit box for e-mail and files.

 How It Works
Understanding WGYExpress™ and the WeGuardYou RTPI™ system is simple. We have designed the RTPI™ Technology to make absolutely certain that your data can only be retrieved by you or your intended recipient. In fact, once an e-mail or file is sent using the WGYExpress™ application, the actual email (along with any files you’ve attached) are physically removed from your computer, making the data completely secure. WGYExpress™ also uses several built-in security features including has two unique password options:

 PASSWORD OPTION 1) Your password is stored by you, and only you can ever access your data.

 PASSWORD OPTION 2) You may generate two passwords along with being supplied a safety customer support contact, which will enable you to retrieve your data in the event your passwords are ever lost.

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Download PDF: WGY Express™ Brochure

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