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Event Monitoring

 Event Monitoring
The WGY-ESP will monitor and display Access Events, which can be classified in two main groups: access granted, or access denied.

The system provides the following types of granted access types:

  • Access Granted Used
  • Access Granted Not Used
  • Duress Access (used/not used)
  • Access Granted Per Diem
The system provides the following types of denied access type:
  • Lost badge · Invalid user
  • Unknown badge · Missing PIN
  • Unassigned badge · Missing reading from reader 1
  • Expired badge · Missing reading from reader 2
  • Inactive visitor badge · Invalid Pool
  • Inactive temporary badge · Pool Full
  • Incorrect direction · Zone Full
  • Invalid date · Requested Zone Full
  • Employee on vacation · No Driver
  • Incorrect PIN · Wrong Pool
  • Incorrect time · No vehicle
  • Incorrect Area · Wrong Owner
  • Incorrect location · Pool blocked
  • Active temporary badge · Blocked user
  • Unknown user
Access events are displayed continuously in the window for Access Monitoring for a real-time on-line monitoring.

The Access Monitor window displays the last four access events received from the Remote Processors for Access Control (RP’s). To display more access events, the Access Monitor window can be expanded to a full-screen window by clicking on an icon. The full-screen Access Monitor window can be re-sized and has scroll bars to go forward and backwards through the list of access events. The following information is displayed in the window: Date, Time, Badge/ID, Last Name, First Name, ID Point Description and Access Status.

Each of the following type of access events are displayed in user selectable colors:
  • Access Granted
  • Access Denied
  • Duress
The operator is able to filter the types of access events (Granted, Not Granted and Denied) that are displayed in the full-screen Access Monitor Window by selecting filter at the Access Monitor Window.

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