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Network Security

 Network Security
The Network Security functions are provided in the workstations and include:

  • Entry of Network access control configuration data
  • Entry of Network access control operation data
  • Storage of Network access control data
  • Download of user and configuration data to Remote Processors
  • Editing of Network access control data
  • Archiving of Network access control data
  • Retrieval of access records from Remote Processors (RP’s)
  • Generation of management reports
WGY-ESP provides for controlling access to the network/computer based on network user identification’s access authorization permission.

The system provides for controlling network access based on the computer network access authorization permission, which is definable for specific groups of services during specific period of time.

Activation and deactivation of network access services/computer is provided via time zones or through a manual command in order to switch access to or from free-access status. Up to 96 system-wide time zones are supported.

Operating parameters (e.g. location, unlock time, time-out) may be defined on a per service/computer basis.

System update functions allow each RP to be configured from the workstations. Modification to the database will automatically update all Remote Processors affected by the changes without further operator intervention.

The system provides the capability to enable-disable users in a simple way using block enable and disable commands.

The number of network access records archived at the Primary Host fileserver is only limited by the size of the storage device.

The user access to a computer may be enabled/disabled based on the user’s zone location.

The system has the ability to control and monitor computers independent of user access.

WGY-ESP provides the following computer related functions:
  • Computer Registration
  • Computer Access Group
  • Temporary Access Group
  • Computer Status
  • Computer Report
  • Computer Report Layout Configuration
The system has the capability to be programmed to grant computer access only when a valid user card is presented in a defined period of time.

A Computer Access History Report with user configurable layouts can be generated.

The system supplies a utility to trace the network access transactions of select user/computer and also to trace all network/computer access at selected service.

Traced transactions appear in a separate trace window on the screen.

It is possible to route certain trace transactions to specific workstation.

The operator has the ability, if permitted, to assign a temporary access group to a user or computer in the case that the user needs to gain access not normally allowed.

The temporary access group can be configured with an expiration date.

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