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Vehicle Control

 Vehicle Control
WGY-ESP provides the following vehicle related functions:

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Access Group
  • Temporary Access Group
  • Vehicle Status
  • Vehicle Last Access
  • Vehicle Report
  • Vehicle Report Layout Configuration
  • Vehicle Model Registration
  • Vehicle Color Registration
  • Car Pool Control
Vehicle access can be controlled and monitored independent of user/employee access.

The system provides for controlling access through card reader controlled gates based on the vehicle’s access authorization permission, which can be defined for specific groups of readers during specific time intervals.

Remote Processors for Access Control (RTAP’s) can be programmed to operate in a Double Read mode, so an access is only granted when a valid user’s card and a valid vehicle tag/card are presented in a defined period of time. In another words, when the Double Read mode is set for the RTAP, the system will deny access to a vehicle/driver if the vehicle is not registered to the driver requesting access in the vehicle.

WGY-ESP has the capability of programming RTAP’s to only accept car/tag information from readers when the vehicle’s presence is detected.

Various access technologies may be associated with vehicles including:
  • AVI tag readers
  • Wiegand-effect swipe and insert readers
  • Magnetic stripe swipe and insert readers
  • Shot-range proximity readers
  • Long-range proximity readers
  • Barcode swipe readers
  • Reader/keypad combinations
  • Keypad-only applications
The system provides a Vehicle Access History Report with user configurable layouts.

 Car Pool
WGY-ESP supports Car Pool Monitoring and Control. Vehicles and drivers may be assigned to Car Pools. The system supports multiple Car Pools, which may be configured as private pools or company pools.

Access will only be granted into a facility if the driver and vehicle belong to the same Car Pool.

Each Car Pool may be assigned a maximum number of “spaces” within the facility. Once the allotted number of “spaces” is filled, all further access requests from driver/vehicle pool members will be denied until a “space” is vacated in the facility.

The system provides a “Per Diem” access configuration for each Car Pool to allow access to a vehicle/driver pool member into a facility that the allotted “spaces” have been filled. These “Per Diem” access charges are recorded and may be used for billing purposes.

 Zone Load Control
Parking zones within a facility can be configured to be under Zone Load Control.

The access into a parking zone under Zone Load Control will only be granted if the pre-configured maximum number of users/vehicles was not reached within the zone. If the zone is “full”, any further access requests into the zone will be denied until a user/vehicle within the zone leaves.

An ID point (reader) other than the ID point at the entrance of the controlled zone may be configured as a checkpoint. An access request at a checkpoint will only be granted if there is available space in the zone to which the user/vehicle has access authorization.

Zone Load Control is assigned to access groups, not to users or vehicles. It means that a user/vehicle is subject to Zone Load Control if the Access Group to which they belong is under Zone Load Control.

A dynamic parking Zone Status display shows in real-time the following information on the workstation screen:

  • Zone Description
  • Occupancy Percentage of zone
  • Number of free spaces available in zone
  • Zone capacity
  • Current load
The Zone Load Control function can be globally enabled or disabled through the execution of a single command.

The zone information that can be showed in the Zone Status display is configurable for each workstation.

The system permits to modify or reset the current load of a zone.

Regardless of whether Zone Load Control is active or not, the system supplies an independent display containing the list of all zones configured and the number of users present in each zone.

The system supplies a report of names of users and/or vehicles descriptions that are located in the requested zone.

 Zone Duration Control
Zones within a facility can be configured to be under Zone Duration Control.

Access groups can be configured to be under Zone Duration Control. These access groups are given a maximum time period that users/vehicles may remain in a specific zone. Different access groups that have access to a zone under Zone Load Control may be configured with different maximum allowable time period.

WGY-ESP displays the maximum allowable time and the elapsed time for a specific user or vehicle in a zone under Zone Duration Control.

If a user/vehicle that belongs to an access group under Zone Duration Control remains longer than the maximum allowable time, an alarm will be generated.

The system provides a means of resetting the elapsed time of a user/vehicle within a zone through a single command.

The Zone Duration Control function can be enabled or disabled globally through the execution of a single command.

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