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Visitor Management

 Visitor Management
WeGuardYou’s Visitor Management System allows your organization to enroll, monitor, manage, control, and track visitor access on your premises.

The Visitor Management System can provide detailed tracking and reporting of visitor access events. All visitor access activities are monitored; policy violations can trigger alarm and perform automatic procedures (e.g. notify guard via pager, cell phone, etc.)

Visitor Terminals can be installed at appropriate locations. Some of the capabilities are:

  • Register / pre-register visitors
  • Assign Temporary access cards for employees (e.g. lost card)
  • Capture images from multiple sources
  • Generate labels with the visitor’s name, last name, and picture
  • Maintain a visitor database
The Visitor Terminal allows you to register visitor images and information into the system, (e.g. name / last name, picture, etc.) and assign the appropriate access privilege.

Prior to arrival, the visitor can also be pre-registered from any of the visitor terminals or from any computer via browser (Internet Explorer). This feature can only be accessed by pre-defined authorized personnel with appropriate user access. After registration, the Visitor Terminal can generate labels with pertinent visitor information and picture.

Another feature helps in the authorization process. When a visitor arrives at the Visitor Terminal, his picture can be sent to the employee’s computer, and the employee can authorize his entrance to the area accordingly.

The ESP architecture enables the installation of various Visitor Terminals using the TCP/IP protocol.

Visitor Terminals can also assist employees assigning temporary access cards (lost cards).

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