Card Access Systems
We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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Network Security

 Network Security
The Enterprise Security Platform (ESP) by WeGuardYou provides comprehensive and full fault tolerant network security. From mid-sized workgroups to large-scale enterprises over multiple locations, the WGY-ESP system can manage, protect, and monitor all your data and network security needs.

Amongst the features of WGY-ESP are :

  • Multiple Users and Privilege Levels
  • Remote Management
  • Time-Based Management
  • Event Actions
    • Autodial Pagers / Cell Phones
    • Multiple Alarms
    • Printed or faxed Reports
    • Notification to Administrators
  • State of the Art Redundant Network Scheme.
  • TCP/IP Source Address and Route Verification.
  • Multi-layered Proprietary Authentication Process.
  • Scalable and Encrypted secure VPN technology.
  • Data Transfer via Encrypted random Data Packets.
  • Operating Parameters on a per user, services, and/or computer basis
  • Automatic Cascading Updates to Remote Processors
  • Access Control Functions
    • Entry of Access Configuration and Operating Data
    • Redundant & Encrypted Operational Data
    • Download of Configuration Data to Remote Processors
    • Redundant Editing of Access Control data
    • Archiving of Access Transactions
    • Retrieval of Access Records from Remote Processors
  • User-friendly Graphical User Interface
    • Windows Environment
    • Simple Graphical Icons
    • User configurable Macros and Hot Keys
  • Scalability - Modular Expansion Capabilities
  • Temporary Access Groups with Expiration Dates
  • Comprehensive User-Configurable Reports
  • Employee Management
    • Activity Logs
    • Service Usage Reports (http / ftp / telnet / smtp)
    • Enable / Disable Access to IPs
  • System can be configured to grant computer access based on valid user cards
  • Optionally Integrated WGY-ESP Utilities
    • Web Server
    • FTP Server
    • E-mail Server
    • Proxy Server
    • Firewall
  • Context Sensitive Help

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