Card Access Systems
We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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WGY Kiosks

WeGuardYou custom designs and manufactures kiosks for placement in building lobbies, or any other location of the client’s choice. Our kiosk solutions serve as workstations that enable users to implement any of WGY’s products, such as WGY Access Control, WGY Visitor Management, WGY Digital Video, etc.

The WGY Kiosk was designed to allow users to custom integrate several state-of-the-art technologies into a user-friendly, mobile, and versatile workstation for easier and more efficient systems operation and control.

The WGY Kiosks are also available in a wireless version for easy mobility and remote operability from virtually any location in the world.

Basic Features

  • WGY Kiosk Cabinet
  • WGY Kiosk Software
  • 15” Monitor (optional touch screen)
  • Wireless Network Card (optional)
  • Kiosk Battery Backup Power
  • Celeron 2.2 GHZ CPU, 128 MB RAM
  • Windows Operating System
  • Full Setup and Installation

The Kiosk has a contemporary, attractive design that features optional wireless and battery operated capabilities. The Kiosk contains a CPU, a 15” monitor (or an optional touch screen monitor), a mouse, a keyboard, and windows-based Kiosk Software. The Kiosk Software uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that can be configured to operate according to the client’s need, and graphically designed to match the client’s corporate identity.
The Kiosk solution can be enhanced and interfaced to include a variety of optional/additional equipment, such as:

  • Access Card Reader that can be integrated with a variety of access technologies (e.g. biometrics, smart card, proximity, Wiegand, etc.)
  • Plastic Card Printer/Dispenser
  • Label Printer/Dispenser
  • Digital Video Cameras (e.g. IP, wireless, etc.)
  • OCR Document Scanner
  • Telephones



The WGY Kiosk is an effective solution for your company’s off-site events, such as seminars and training. The same access cards used by the employees at your company’s premises can also be used at the kiosks.



Engineering Specifications

Furnish and install the WGY Kiosk to be fully compatible with all of WGY’s Products. The Kiosk shall be installed in appropriate locations throughout the client’s facility.

The Kiosk shall include the WGY Kiosk Software that operates with a Windows Operating System. The Kiosk Software shall enable the user to implement the system using a customized Graphical User Interface (GUI). The Kiosk Software shall be of an open protocol technology that provides for integration of multiple vendor legacy systems.

The Kiosk Hardware shall include a Celeron 2.2 GHZ CPU with 128 megabytes of RAM and a 30 GB hard drive. The Kiosk Hardware shall also include a 15” monitor, a mouse, a keyboard, and a network adapter. The Kiosk shall be capable of communicating with a server using, RS-485, RS232, or modem, depending on the location of the server databases.

The Kiosk shall be easily expandable to accommodate additional/optional features and configurations, according to client requirements.

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