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We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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WGY Mobile Security

 WGY Mobile Security
The Mobile Security System is a “take-anywhere” version of WeGuardYou’s robust ESP (Enterprise Security Platform) technology. From access control to perimeter defense, to real-time monitoring and professional security personnel, we provide you with everything you need to secure an off-site event or outdoor facility.

The mobile security system consists of a security van, fully equipped with WeGuardYou’s state-of-the-art hardware and software technology and manned by the professional security personnel. No other company can provide the high level of performance in a mobile security system that is delivered by this unique integration of high technology and professional security personnel.

Security vans are outfitted with:

  • access readers for personnel, vehicles, and mobile equipment.
  • surveillance cameras to record live motion digital video.
  • wireless LAN connection.
  • interior “control room” for on-site operations manned by security personnel.

The mobile security system includes the following capabilities:

  • Uses the same integrated security system installed at the main facility. No need for special passes or temporary access cards; the mobile security system uses the same access cards employed by the main facility system.
  • Control the flow of personnel, vehicles, and equipment entering a secure area.
  • Incorporates Video Surveillance of access points and supports transfer of video and data over a secure wireless LAN, protected by WeGuardYou’s RPTI™ encryption technology.
  • Maintain Video Surveillance contact with the main facility or remote facilities.
  • Redundant ID permissions required for access by all personnel, vehicles, and mobile equipment.
  • Monitor access, time, and duration of authorized personnel, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Monitor transit time between remote points.
  • Vehicle supports multiple security checkpoint configurations for any offsite venue.

Mobile monitoring station

Our mobile monitoring station can interface with your main central station and remote users from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

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