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ESP Policy Management is the most robust policy management infrastructure ever created. Its functionalities can be customized based on client need, applicable architecture and systems, and optional system modules. Standard functionalities include:

 Modular Architecture - You can select the functionality you need from our robust feature set. The system is distributed, scalable, and modular.

 No Limitation on Size and Interface Capabilities - due to the modularity of the hardware and the application.

 Transparency - The technology is simple to operate and can overlay over multiple existing systems.

 Flexible Architecture - The technology is easy to work in many areas of operation or can be used as a single point.

 Remote Administration - Can be used from a single or multiple remote workstations.

Integration and Control - Can overlay over almost all existing legacy systems, including but not limited to:

  • Fire and Life Safety
  • HVAC
  • Energy Control
  • Lighting and Electrical
  • Physical Electronic Security
  • Network Security
  • Building Management Systems.

 Trigger Events - Can receive critical information and data from existing systems, such as fire alarm or computer network, and automatically perform procedures without any human intervention, enable and control multiple events, and trigger physical and logical actions, such as:

  • radio and paging
  • control on/off appliances or systems
  • back up critical data
  • contact human collateral
  • engage life safety systems.
 Customizable Environmental Settings - Management System can automate and perform tasks such as
  • control a single light or multiple lights from the system
  • control HVAC and other climate control units based on user or management preference

Encryption of Data - System can encrypt data, and send to a data storage center or remote locations.

 Policy Management

  • A system with which you can implement policies and procedures on the fly
  • Complete automated monitoring and auditing of your procedures and policies
  • Policy Management System that can integrate and overlay your existing systems
  • WeGuardYou can provide any additional building systems that you may require.

 ESP- Network Policies

  • Defined by Groups and managed via Delegated Administration
  • Policies can be defined per User, per Computer, per Server
  • Policies can be defined by Time Zone
  • Policies can be defined per WGY application
  • Policies can be defined per TCP port
  • Policies can be defined per domain
  • Policies can be a combination of above policies
 System Summary
  • On-the-fly policy definition
  • Delegated Administration
  • Adapter technology allows integration to any device
  • Enhanced API allows partners and customers to define adapters
  • Network Appliance - Kernel in a Distributed, Multitasking and Multithread OS with
  • Preemptive Scheduler
  • Real-Time remote processors operational even off-line
  • Scalable architecture and modular components
  • Integration of any TCP/IP application is seamless and instantaneous since network adapter runs under TCP/IP
  • Communication Layers
  • OSI/ISO based
  • Application, Presentation, Transport, Network and Link
  • Proprietary Protocol (RTPI™)

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