Card Access Systems
We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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Enterprise Security Platform Hardware

WeGuardYou’s Real-Time Processors are the most intelligent and reliable controllers ever introduced in the security industry. These processors were designed based on microprocessor technology to provide maximum reliability and performance in securing an enterprise’s physical and intellectual assets.

The processors are highly intelligent, remote, real-time smart adapters that feature an integrated operating system and software, a built-in system database with upgradeable storage capacity, a secure and encrypted system connection, and a redundant battery backup system.
Some of our hardware includes:

Real-Time Access Control Processor: RTAP
Real-Time Monitoring Processor: RTMP
Real-Time Network Processor: RTNP
Real-Time Interface Processor: RTIP

The Real-Time Processors are used in many of WeGuardYou’s solutions to interface and/or integrate seemingly unrelated enterprise systems to communicate as one, real-time electronic neural system for providing unequaled organizational security. The processors use smart adapter technology that allow the hardware overlay and integrate almost any system for control, monitoring, and event initiation. They are capable of integrating, interfacing and monitoring third party system devices and equipment and manipulating and/or monitoring these devices in order to perform actions based on pre-configured policies and procedures.

  RTAP Real-Time Access Control Processor
  RTIP Real-Time Interface Processor
  RTMP Real-Time Monitoring Processor
  RTNP Real-Time Network Processor
  WGY-ESP WGY / Enterprise Security Platform
The Real-Time Processors feature completely autonomous operation, even in the event of lost communication with the host. With its redundant battery backup system, the processors can provide uninterrupted service, for an extended time period, even in the event of a power loss or system failure.

The Real-Time Access Control Processor: RTAP is capable of controlling access and access event alarms, archiving transitions, and initiating events based on user-defined policies.

The Real-Time Monitoring Processor: RTMP is capable of monitoring alarms, archiving transactions, and initiating events based on user-defined policies.

The Real-Time Network Processor: RTNP is capable of monitoring network alarms, archiving transactions, and initiating events based on user-defined policies.

The Real-Time Interface Processor: RTIP is primarily used to connect multiple real-time processors using WeGuardYou’s patent pending security encryption technology, RTPI™ over TCP/IP. WeGuardYou’s RTPI™ guarantees the privacy and security of all system information.

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