Card Access Systems
We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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 Intelligent Facility Components : 4 Perspectives to Consider

 The Solution - ESP Policy Management
  • Completely integrated environment
  • Centralized Policy management with delegated administration.
  • Adapter technology can bridge gap between physical and data world.
  • Flexibility and integration with existing equipment, technology and infrastructure
  • Multiple overlay systems can integrate controls for HVAC, Security, Energy Control, Fire & Life Safety, and Data Systems.
 Bringing Together the Fragmented Enterprise

The WeGuardYou development teams created the system to manage smart technologies from a manager's point of view. From the onset, a clean sheet of paper was used. No limitations were placed on the development of the product, and as such, the system is blessed with the most cutting technologies and methodologies ever introduced in the industry.

The specific need of the customer came first. A key focus was placed on the system being user-friendly, with delegated management of the system, modular, so each customer can customize ESP Policy Management to reflect its specific needs, and powerful, to integrate and control the myriad of legacy systems out there.

Unique technologies were created or perfected, including the development of adapters to integrate multiple hardware. The distributed and modular architecture became a key factor in the development process, allowing the introduction of future upgrades and functionalities to be a no-hassle affair.

After development of the initial product, teams focused on the best way to serve the needs of the customer. From this meticulous planning, comes WeGuardYou intensive and comprehensive support and training infrastructures, detailed documentation.

 The Foundation for SMART and SECURE Environments

Via our roadmap methodologies conducted by team consisting of WeGuardYou personnel, consultant engineers, and the client

 Install - Implementation, Integration and Customization
Enterprise clients are not alike, the ESP platform and methodology delivers the components you need either via WeGuardYou install teams or stand alone systems clients install

Training programs and advanced setup needed to get entire organization moving with the new system quickly and securely

 Monitor, Support and Maintain
Ongoing service and monitoring, beyond standard support services our professionals monitor and respond to your installation across all environments 24x7.

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