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Policy Management

 Policy Management
WeGuardYou has identified a critical issue in the management of policies that has never been addressed by the industry before! To date, organizations have had no connection between physical, facility and data security. There was no integration of SMART devices and legacy systems and thus, managing security between multiple locations and/or virtual locations through networks was very difficult.

This fragmentation of existing systems has led to a fundamental flaw in every organization's strategy for asset security, both physical and electronic. Managers and executives had no ability to view or control "the big picture". Each component had its own unique interface, its own protocols, and its own monitoring and reporting system. No preemptive real-time audit / monitoring on network security was available. Teams responsible for different functions within an organization where islands unto their own.

With the introduction of WeGuardYou cutting edge ESP Policy Management, this has radically changed.

Integrating hardware, software, networks and building management systems into one overlay and control suite, WeGuardYou has empowered organizations with a new toolset ESP Policy Management. To implement policies and procedures to control, manage, automate, and monitor the key assets of an organization with an integrated infrastructure platform.

The technology is groundbreaking, but the final result is simple. Rather than manage hundreds of different systems, none of which talk to each other, utilize one completely integrated environment to centralize policy management, delegated administration and automate monitoring and auditing of your procedures and policies.

WeGuardYou's exclusive adapter technology can bridge gap between physical and data world and can provide flexibility and integration with existing equipment, technology and infrastructure.


a set of rules to react to a set of conditions and events.

  • Tresspasser enters room
  • Secure area breached
  • Window breaks
  • Alarm sounds
  • Door Locks
  • Video Starts
  • Call Security
  • Notify Supervisor
 Policy Management:
Aggregation of events and the real time control of facilities.

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