Card Access Systems
We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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WGY Access Control

The WGY Access Control System uses the most state-of-the-art technology available to create an unparalleled solution for organizations to control, monitor, trace, and report access events on their premises.

We provide a robust and completely fault tolerant facilities security solution. Administrators may manage the enterprise from any Windows based PC, either remotely or on-site

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Resources/System Interfaces
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 Standard Access Control

 Standard Equipment

 Features and Benefits

  • Integration of various access technologies (e.g. smart cards, biometrics)
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Cost-Effective
  • Remote Access and Management
  • Time-Based Management
  • Scalability - Modular Expansion Capabilities
  • Real-Time Access Alarm Monitoring & Tracing
  • Multiple Users and Privilege Levels
  • Access cards printing
  • Document scanning
  • Time & Attendance interface
  • Intercom
  • Duress Alarms
  • Paging immediate emergency notification
  • Elevator control
  • User Configurable
  • Unlimited Archiving
  • Full Reporting Capabilities

 Card Reader Technologies
The WGY Access Control System offers the integration of various access technologies including:

  • Biometric readers
  • Wiegand-effect swipe and insert readers
  • Magnetic stripe swipe and insert readers
  • Smart Card proximity reader (read and write)
  • Smart Card with contact (read and write)
  • Short-range proximity readers
  • Long-range proximity readers
  • AVI tag readers
  • Barcode swipe readers
  • Reader/keypad combinations
  • Keypad-only applications

 Flexible Architecture
The WGY Access Control Server can be placed at customer’s facility, or at WeGuardYou Security Center, or anywhere in the world.

Cost-effective solution (optional): clients are not required to purchase a dedicated server.
No training or personnel is necessary to maintain the access control server.

 Real-Time Remote Access and Management
The WGY Access Control System can use a web-based application that allows for real-time implementation of the system anywhere in the world via the Internet.

With the appropriate access policies, authorized personnel can operate the WGY Access Control System from any location.

Servers backup can be provided on-site or at WeGuardYou’s Data Facility.

 Real-Time Access Alarm Monitoring & Tracing
With the WGY Access Control System, access events can be traced in real-time per employee or per access point. Access events are monitored and alarms are generated should any employee violate any access restrictions.

Alarm types: microwave, magnetic sensor, active infrared, passive infrared, buried sensor cable, panic button, metal detector, fire alarm, etc.

 Access Control Functions

  • Entry of Access Configuration and Operating Data
  • Redundant & Encrypted Operational Data
  • Download of Configuration Data to Remote Processors
  • Redundant Editing of Access Control data
  • Archiving of Access Transactions
  • Retrieval of Access Records from Remote Processors
  • Temporary Access Groups
  • Redundant Editing / Display of Cardholder Status, etc.

 Comprehensive Subsystems Support

  • CCTV / Tape or Digital Recording
  • Remote Paging
  • Intercom Systems
  • Live Video Window
  • Facility Graphics

 Archiving / Reporting
All access events are time & date stamped and archived in the system as history for report generation. The systems can be edited, reported, printed, and exported into other systems for implementation. Our systems have unlimited disc space available for archiving an unlimited amount of visitor data.

 Desktop Compatibility & User Friendly GUI
The WGY Access Control System is Windows compatible, making it easy to operate right from a client’s existing desktop infrastructure. The system was designed to be simple to implement using an intuitive graphical user interface. If needed, WeGuardYou can provide the client with desktop workstations for system implementation.

 Open Architecture
WGY Access Control has an open architecture design that allows for seamless and instantaneous integration with industry standard protocols, including TCP/IP applications.

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 User Configurable
As are all WGY products and services, WGY Access Control System is entirely user-configurable according to specific client requirements. Our system architecture is highly flexible; from a single system at a single location to a network of multiple systems at multiple locations.

 Enhanced Access Control


  • Time & Attendance
  • Triggering Actions: Policy Management
  • Secure & Private Communications: RTPI™
  • Anti-Passback Control
  • Double Badge Control
  • Zone Load Control
  • Zone Duration Control
  • Seamless Integration
  • Messaging
  • Temporary Access Groups

 Time & Attendance
The WGY Access Control System can be configured to provide information for time & attendance, and the data can be exported into a third party payroll software package for implementation.

Remote Intercom call stations can be furnished at specified locations to be easily accessed. They include “Press for Assistance” signs, as well as visual verification that assistance has been requested, and that assistance has been dispatched.

 Triggering Actions
This feature can be provided to link configured events to configured actions, enabling the user to create and implement their own policies for control and automation in emergency situations. Using WGY Policy Management, users can automate actions when a specific event occurs (e.g. employee tries to enter unauthorized access area).

Window is Broken
Police are notified

 Secure & Private Communications
WeGuardYou can ensure users secure and private data communications via our patent pending RTPI™ modulated security encryption technology.

 Anti-Passback Control
The system can use perimeter anti-passback or global anti-passback. Perimeter anti-passback requires identification at zone entrance and exit points; global anti-passback requires identification at entrance, exit, and ID points within a zone.

 Double Badge Control
This option offers enhanced access security by making it necessary for two users to present identification at one ID point.

 Zone Load Control
This option can be configured to control the maximum or minimum amount of users that can be in a zone at one time.

 Zone Duration Control
This option can be configured to control the maximum or minimum time a user can be in a zone.

 Seamless Integration
The WGY Access Control System seamlessly integrates with other WeGuardYou products, including:

The system can allow specific ID Points to display messages on an LCD for a specific user, user group, or all users. (e.g. employee, employee group, all employees)

 Temporary Access Groups
This option allows temporary Access for a user to an area not normally allowed with an expiration date.

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