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WGY Guard Tour

WGY Guard Tour System enrolls, monitors, tracks, and reports the movement of each guard in real-time as they make their rounds throughout a building. The user can pre-register tour information into the system and configure access transactions and monitoring according to the pre-defined specifications.

 Random Selection
A guard may be assigned to a tour by the operator or randomly selected by the system from the pool of guards.

 Pause / Resume a Tour
Once a tour is started, it can be paused and resumed or stopped according to the operator’s requirements.

 Triggering Actions
The system can also provide immediate notification if a guard tour station has not been visited within a user-defined time period. For example, a time schedule can be defined in the system which may be configured to generate an alarm (or any other policy according to user preference; e.g. notification of emergency personnel via cell phone, pager, radio, e-mail, etc.) if an access point located along the pre-configured tour is not visited within a pre-defined amount of time.

 Archiving & Reporting
All guard access events throughout the tour are date and time stamped. The user can access history and generate a daily report of any stations that were accessed, missed, or had incidents to log.

 Graphical User Interface
The system applies a user-friendly graphical user interface that can display the status of an active tour providing such information as Guard ID, name, and badge number, tour start date and time, points in the tour with the time the guard arrived at each point, and a color-coded status of each point (e.g. Point skipped, Early Arrival, Late Arrival, etc.)

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