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WGY Vehicle/Parking Access Control

Monitors, tracks, controls, and reports vehicle access within a parking lot facility. Vehicle access to a parking facility is provided through AVI tag readers controlled gates based on the vehicle’s access authorization permission. Permissions can be defined for specific groups of readers during specific time intervals.

 Tracking & Monitoring
The vehicle control system allows users to track and monitor the location and status of a vehicle using features such as vehicle status and vehicle last access.

 Reporting & Archiving
All access events are recorded by the system and can be used for archiving and reporting purposes.
The system provides a Vehicle Access History Report with user configurable layouts.

 “Double Read Mode” Vehicle & Driver
The system can be programmed to operate in a “double read” mode so access is only granted when a valid user’s card and a valid vehicle tag/card are presented within a defined time period.

 Car Pool
Vehicles and drivers can be assigned to car pools. Access will only be granted into a facility if the driver and vehicle belong to the same car pool. The system supports multiple car pools which can be configured as private pools or company pools.

 Zone Load Control
This optional functionality grants access into a parking zone only if the pre-configured maximum number of vehicles was not reached within the zone. If the zone is “full”, any further access requests into the zone will be denied until a user/vehicle within the zone leaves.
The Zone Load Control function can be globally enabled or disabled through the execution of a single command.

 Zone Duration Control
This optional feature allows that access groups have a maximum time period that vehicles may remain in a specific zone. If a vehicle that belongs to an access group under Zone Duration Control remains longer than the maximum allowable time, an alarm will be generated.
The Zone Duration Control function can be enabled or disabled globally through the execution of a single command.

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We developed and implemented the Electronic Parking Access Control System (PACS) at the World Trade Center. The Port Authority of NY & NJ required a highly intelligent and versatile system in response to the 1993 terrorist bombing in the underground parking facilities. Our system was chosen among 26 pre-qualified bidders because of its superior technology, reliability, and desirable features/functionalities. This won us one of the most prestigious electronic security systems projects in the United States at the time.

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