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WGY Visitor Management

WeGuardYou meets the latest security demands with a real-time system for visitor management. Using our very own cutting-edge technology, we have devised a smart way for organizations to control, manage, trace, and report visitor movement within their facilities, right from their desktop computer.

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Desktop Workstations
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Visitor Kiosks
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Archiving/Disk space
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System Interfaces
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Peripheral Equipment Interfaces

 Standard Visitor Management (VM)

 Standard Equipment

  • VM Server (Local or Remote)
  • VM Desktop Workstations
  • VM Kiosk


  • Real-Time Visitor Management
  • User-Friendly GUI
  • Pre-registration via the Internet
  • Employee Authorization from Desktop
  • Unlimited Archiving
  • Full Reporting Capability
  • User-Configurable

 VM Kiosk & Registration
The VM Kiosk was designed to make the use of a visitor staff completely unnecessary. The kiosk allows the visitor to register his/her information into the system, (e.g. name / company name, etc.), notifies the employee host of the visitor’s arrival, takes a photo of the visitor, and after authorization, prints a photo ID tag.

 Real-Time Visitor Management
WGY Visitor Management can use a web-based application that allows for real-time implementation of the system from anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

 Pre-registration via the Internet
Prior to arrival, the visitor can be pre-registered any computer via a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). This feature makes the registration process easy and efficient.

 Employee Authorization
When a visitor arrives at the kiosk, his photo and information can be sent to the employee’s computer, and the employee can authorize his entrance to the area accordingly.

 Visitor Photo ID
After authorization, the Visitor Terminal can generate identification labels with pertinent visitor information and photo. From paper labels to plastic cards, the system can create identification tags according to customer preference.

 Remote Access
The system architecture enables the installation of various visitor kiosks on-site or remotely using TCP/IP protocol. Backup servers can be provided on-site or at WeGuardYou’s Data Facility.

 User Configurable
As are all WGY products and services, visitor management is entirely user-configurable according to specific client requirements. Our system architecture is highly flexible; from a single system at a single location to a network of multiple systems at multiple locations.

 Archiving / Reporting
All visitor events are time & date stamped and archived in the system as history for report generation. Our systems have virtually unlimited disc space available for archiving an unlimited amount of visitor data.

 Desktop Compatibility & User Friendly GUI
WGY Visitor Management is Windows compatible, making it easy to operate right from a client’s existing desktop infrastructure. The system was designed to be simple to implement using an intuitive graphical user interface. If needed, WeGuardYou can also provide the client with desktop workstations for system implementation.

 Visitor Management System Architecture

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 Enhanced Visitor Management

  • Unlimited Peripheral Equipment Interface
  • Secure and Private Connections
  • Seamless Integration with other systems

 Unlimited Peripheral Equipment Interface
The system can be interfaced with almost any peripheral equipment to provide enhanced visitor management, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Biometric Extensions (e.g. fingerprint readers, facial recognition, iris recognition)
  • Document Authentication Equipment
  • OCR Scanners
  • Barcode Readers
  • Smart Card Readers

 Secure & Private Communications
WeGuardYou can ensure users secure and private communications via our patent pending RTPI™ modulated security encryption technology.

 Seamless Integration
The WGY Visitor Management System seamlessly integrates with other WeGuardYou products, including:

 Monitoring & Tracing
With WGY Access Control, all visitor access events can be traced and/or monitored in real-time per visitor or per access point.

 Triggering Actions
Using WGY Policy Management, users can implement their own procedures to trigger events (e.g. alarm generation, emergency notification, paging, video recording, or etc.) to automate actions when a specific event occurs (e.g. a visitor tries to enter unauthorized access area).

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