Card Access Systems
We install Card Access systems that are both HID and non-HID compliant.

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The WeGuardYou team understands that knowledge is a vital element in the implementation of effective security solutions. Therefore, we offer a full schedule of training opportunities.

Smart organizations understand that training is critical in mitigating harm’s impact when a crisis occurs. With the proper training and knowledge base, an organization can minimize the impact of potential threats by planning and managing response in emergency situations. That’s why WeGuardYou is committed to administering a training program that ensures the successful deployment of all our solutions.

 Individual Solutions
WeGuardYou offers a comprehensive suite of training solutions in order to fulfill all of the security needs of an organization.

Our unique focus concentrates on the needs of “the individual”, the people who benefit from our solutions. Training at WeGuardYou is much more than just factory training and product knowledge, but practical information that an organization can use to protect its assets, and most importantly, people’s lives, in emergency situations. We offer integrated training solutions that interact with a company’s specific life safety needs, evacuation procedures, and policies.

 WGY Product Certification Programs
Our product certification programs empower WeGuardYou users, clients, dealers, and partners with all of the knowledge they need in order to understand and implement our products.

WGY Clients can participate in technical or informational courses regarding product specific topics. Users are equipped with the necessary information to configure, operate, and administer our systems.

Distributors partake in WGY product specific certification programs that provide expertise in such areas as equipment, installation, maintenance, and sales/corporate philosophy.

 WGY Facility & Personnel Certification Programs
We offer thorough facility and personnel training courses for WGY clients, dealers, and partners.

We provide a variety of courses in such areas as fire & life safety, policy planning, emergency planning, evacuation procedures, security management, crisis management, and risk assessment.

Our focus is to provide the individual with information regarding how these areas interact and integrate with WGY solutions.

 Instructor-Led Courses
WeGuardYou offers Instructor-led courses from our in-house education centers located in Manalapan, NJ, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

WeGuardYou also conducts on-site field training for our clients. Additionally, we provide education at remote venues throughout the United States according to a pre-determined schedule. Courses are scheduled on a regular or “on-demand” basis. For more information, please see schedule.

 On-line Training
WGY offers an easy and convenient alternative to the logistics of participating in an education program. Our clients, users, dealers, and partners have the option to access our knowledge base remotely from anywhere in the world, whenever it is needed. For more information please contact us via telephone at 732-792-7931, or via e-mail at

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